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04 February 2014
Eco-Friendly Cleaning And Why I Should Use It
Eco-Friendly Cleaning And Why I Should Use It

Eco-friendly is vastly growing in popularity, not only have many people already introduced this method of cleaning into their homes already but also many domestic cleaning contractors also use it too.
So why is eco-friendly cleaning so great, and why is better to go green?
Let’s find out more about it!

Going green is extremely beneficial to your health as well as great for the home, most people notice what a huge difference it makes when they change to a greener way of living and steam cleaning at home is generally one of the changes people often make.
Cutting out domestic cleaning products in replace for cleaner and fresher steam cleaning means you eliminate all of those harmful chemicals as the only source required to do a steam clean is water.

Health benefits!
Most people will not realise how potentially harmful the chemicals in cleaning agents are because it’s naked to the eye, but inhalation is generally the prime cause for concern. Not only that though, bleaching chemicals are also harsh to skin and potentially fatal if accidently swallowed. Most people only begin to realise how their health has been affected by using such chemicals once they stop using them altogether.

Environment benefits!
Chemicals in cleaning products are also harmful to the environment, most people will not realise the impact of simply flushing such chemicals down the sink, this can lead to death of local aquatic life because it tends to stay in the water stream and contaminates water supply.

Aerosols are not great for the environment either, although these days many products are designed to be kinder to our ozone layer, nothing beats the non usage of the product full stop. By eliminating these inhalable resources you are offering a cleaner, fresher living space for your family and pets.
By cutting out or cutting back on household products, you cut back on waste which is beneficial to landfill, if more people did it, the affects would be far greater in the long run.

Other ways of going green!
Try using household kitchen cupboard necessities for general cleaning too, for example vinegar is a great cleaning agent for kitchens and bathroom as is lemon juice for helping to shift stains and salt makes a great scrub for stubborn stains.
Going green really is the simple way to clean your home which is why most cleaning contractors have now taken this on board! You do not need a vast amount of different products to successfully clean the different areas of your home, some simple house hold ingredients as well as a multi-purpose steam cleaner is all that is required, in fact the results are often better.

Save the pennies!
One of the great aspects about going green and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is how beneficial it actually is financially, although you may not notice it straight away, long-term you can save heaps of cash by not having to buy these expensive products any longer.

Many products nowadays will advertise that they are greener and friendly, which they probably are! However, you cannot beat anything that is purely natural. Learning what you have and how it can be used in other ways is a great way to start.
Join forces!

Of course going green only has an effect when more and more people take it on board, but someone has to start the trend! Although it is a lot more common these days there is still plenty room for improvements to be made. If you go green today, chances are someone will notice and begin adapting their ways too, especially when they see how great it is!