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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       Exceptional service by Chiswick Cleaning Service. The team was prompt, professional, and did a fantastic job! Communication was clear, and the pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again.    
H. Monroe20/07/2024

       These guys were terrific! They set up promptly and got straight to the job. They minimized dust and debris, and did an outstanding job cleaning up and sanitizing the duct. Fantastic service overall.    

       Competent, rapid, manageable to take advantage of. My cleaner was extraordinarily incredible . Have benefited from this service twicemand will be taking benefit of it a lot in the upcoming time frame.    
Emma B.13/11/2023

       Unbelievably swift to book; the primary cleaner was really civilised and conducted an incredible job at our five bedroom residence that we own. We are certainly going to be keeping up our usage of them!     
Harriett F18/10/2023

       Magnificent services provided by Chiswick Cleaning Firm; it's no wonder why so many homeowners choose them over everyone else since not only is their work top notch, but also because their customer support team is incredibly patient and meticulous - thank you kindly for such careful attention paid to each area of our house!     
Sam Schultz06/02/2023

       On behalf of anyone searching for trustworthy cleaners, allow me to highly recommend Chiswick Cleaning Service. Recently we hired them for our one bedroom flat's deep clean; arriving fully kitted out, their cleaner applied her experienced handiwork everywhere inside from top-to-bottom until our oven looked sparklingly revived - absolutely wonderful work done in a very proficient manner so we are certain we'll use them again and again.    

       I've now had a couple of great experiences with their cleaners. Cleaners Chiswick provided an exceptional internal deep cleaning service. My property looks fantastic and it's all thanks to their team.    
G. Jones18/04/2019

       House cleaning done properly is a wonderful thing. Thankfully I've experienced that on many occasions, all the time when I've booked with Cleaners Chiswick.    
Kathy B.22/08/2017

       After my negative experience with other cleaning companies I decided to give Cleaning Chiswick a try. The cleaners were fabulous!    
J. Atkinson10/03/2017

       My dog brought all his muddy paws in unknowingly and by the time I came out of the kitchen, my front room looked like a disaster had hit it. I had a day off work and knew I couldn't do everything by myself so I called Chiswick Cleaning Company and they immediately sent one of their professionals to help me clean everything. I am so impressed.    

       When it comes to cleaning my home and office, there is no other company I trust more than Chiswick Cleaning Service. I have worked with for only a year now but this time was enough for me to realize that they were very proficient in what they do, and above all, that their professionalism was unparalleled in the business. They are very punctual and always come prepared depending on the kind of job. Their quotes are very detailed and there are no unexpected extra charges at the end of the job! Overall, an excellent cleaning experience with them!    
P. Stark18/02/2015

       Chiswick Cleaning Service is the best cleaning company I've ever hired. My cleaner has no problems with taking directions, and she's friendly and skilled as well. I hire their regular cleaning service every couple of weeks, but have also had my carpets professionally cleaned here too. This company offers great services for impressive prices and I'll continue to be impressed by these professional cleaners!     
Stephen K.29/01/2015

       Had to drop by and say thank you to the entire staff at Chiswick Cleaning Service. They've been the key to keeping my house clean for a while now and I don't think I could do without them. After having to find the right way in which to clean my home, I found that getting the right cleaners was a particularly difficult task. There were lots of little things I wasn't quite happy with. However, after I found these guys, it was clear that I was on the right track. Really helpful, really pleased.    
Sheldon Bass07/01/2015

       I felt it was vital that my office always looked good and that's why I hired Chiswick Cleaning Service. I knew my office being orderly and clean would help staff work, impress clients and make other guests feel at ease. I selected Chiswick Cleaning Service because I knew they could do everything I needed such as litter removal, dusting, polishing, vacuuming and ore. They work regularly and do their best, ensuring that my workplace is always ready for the next working day.    
Hugh S.18/12/2014

       When my house keeper left, I was lost for quite some time until someone recommended Chiswick Cleaning Service to me. I thought I would give it a try and I am glad I did. They did everything my housekeeper did and much better. From dusting, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing, they took care of every surface and fabric for me. They even cleaned my curtains on site when I have normally had to send them away to the dry cleaners before. That saved me such a lot of trouble. I am definitely going to use them regularly!    
Barbara Pudsey04/12/2014

       Whenever I have a need for a good cleaner I tend to call Chiswick Cleaning Service before anybody else. The service I get from this cleaning company is very efficient, and they are multi-functional and able to deal with any cleaning job we have. They have good upholstery cleaners, floor cleaning professionals and oven cleaners. The cleaning services they offer are all very good quality, professionally delivered and inclusive of whatever cleaning products you need to get the job done. I've been able to bring them in at short notice and all for a very reasonable price.    

       Like anyone I need to know that the people I have in my house are trust-worthy and reliable, which is exactly how I have come to think of the cleaners from Chiswick Cleaning Service. As I took on caring for my wife full-time in the last year I found that a few of the house chores were getting a bit much for me. Now with the help of professional cleaners visiting our household three times a week everything is well in hand! It's been a learning journey for all of us and your staff have helped make the transition as smooth as possible. So thank you a great deal from us for your continuing great work!    
Andres Berglund23/10/2014

       I rang Chiswick Cleaning Service to try to get someone to come and give my hardwood floors a good going over. It is hard to find a hard floor cleaning service that are both careful and simultaneously thorough. These guys managed it though. I loved them. They turned up and got to work under my instruction immediately. I kept offering more and more advice and instruction and they followed it to the letter until the work day was done. I could not believe how patient and kind they were. My floors are the most important thing to me and these guys kept them important which is just what a great cleaning team should do!    

       I'm very happy with this company and it's why I have a cleaner come down to my home on a weekly basis. This is usually the same guy and he's absolutely fantastic. However, I have had a couple of replacement cleaners and they have been up to the same standards. I feel this is a company I can trust which of course is very important. The price wasn't everything for me because I was more concerned about how good the cleaning would be. However, the inexpensive prices they charge at Chiswick Cleaning Service were a nice bonus. Added to the quality cleaning it's why I still employ this company today.    
Samira K.13/08/2014

       Having nice floors throughout the house is a blessing and a curse. I have found that the best way to avoid messing them up is to ensure that you get a decent company in to do the job, rather than risk the sure fire failure that delicate wood cleaning can be! I have always used Chiswick Cleaning Service who have regularly done an excellent job, and the results have been perfect every time. I do not doubt that they would do a similarly excellent job for many others, so hope that all who use them have the same experiences!    
Evelyn Roberts31/07/2014

       I recently moved home with my family and having both a full time job and two kids to look after, the larger house was too much for me to take care of on my own. My husband and I wanted to hire a cleaner to help out around the house once a week to make sure it remained at a good standard. My mother recommended Chiswick Cleaning Service to us and after giving them a go, we wanted to hire them on a weekly basis. It's an affordable option and the results are great. We now welcome our cleaner as if she were one of the family.    

       I had been travelling a lot recently, which meant that what little time spent in my home wasn't going toward cleaning it. I let clutter build up and dust had accumulated over all the time. Once I'd steeled back in my abode, I knew I had to fight all the mess, so called Chiswick Cleaning Service. I was able to hire several cleaners to assist me, so the job went swiftly. We all worked together and the team I was working with expertly handled every chore. My house is clean once again and if the mess begins to build, I'll give them a call ASAP.    
Rose Potter20/06/2014

       I was looking for a reputable cleaning firm to use on a regular basis for my busy work unit. The place was getting a mess, and I just didn't have enough time to fit it in. A colleague suggested I call Chiswick Cleaning Service and I did and sorted an appointment to start. I trialed the cleaners for a few weeks, and they did a fabulous job. The workers were prompt and efficient and just did a good job. Now I use them all of the time. My work premises look so much brighter and clean, and save me the hassle of trying to fit it in.    
Tina Ward26/05/2014

       I have a lot of time for Chiswick Cleaning Service as they have revolutionized the way in which I look at my home. Before, I never cleaned that thoroughly, and I didn't realize, but it showed. Now, with the cleaning service coming round once a week, I have a beautifully cleaned home, but I don't have to stress about getting it like that! If you are like me, and really need someone to get the job done properly, then you should try this lot out, they really are excellent value for money, and a great service all round!    
F. Freeman29/04/2014

       Top marks for this fantastic cleaning service. I called Chiswick Cleaning Service to organise an in house clean and was so impressed with the price that I booked it right there and then. All of the cleaning work was completely thorough and my home was gleaming. Not only that but I hadn't accounted for how fantastic everything smells all of the time and I have so much free time for everything else in my life. Great value for money and I have now ordered a cleaner to visit once every two weeks to freshen up my flat. A highly recommended team.    
Max Brown08/04/2014

       I dropped a tin of gloss on my carpet whilst painting my home. I was distraught, especially since the carpet was not old at all. Gloss is by far the hardest thing to remove and I tried white spirit since it removes gloss from the brushes. This just made it worse! I ended up smearing it everywhere and came to the point of giving up hope. This was until I hired Chiswick Cleaning Service's carpet cleaning services. Not only did they get the gloss off, but the restored the feel of the carpet - it was soft to the touch again and I was more than pleased - thank you!    
Ricky Fowler27/03/2014

       Knowing how you are going to make your cleaning happen whilst also getting all your work done and looking after the kids is a miracle for couples, let alone single parents. The answer in many cases is the trust domestic cleaning service, who have made my life a lot easier for sure! I use Chiswick Cleaning Service as they offer excellent rates for a fantastic service. I get on well with them as well, so I see no changes in this partnership coming in the near future... Get involved!    
Alton Bowen05/03/2014